The Core Gas Controls CD

Improve your Gas & Plumbing skills through interactive elearning

  • Core Gas Controls CD
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  • Core Gas Controls CD
With the Core Gas Controls CD-ROM, you can learn all about the various taps and valves, their different construction and they operate, where and how to fit and test them.

Available on CD-ROM, the program also teaches you how to take remedial action in the event of a failed device. Just some of the controls covered include; Safety Cut Off Valve , Electrical Thermostat, Governor, Liquid Expansion Valve.

It is equally suitable for an individual as well as in a classroom environment and is of immense value to those new to the industry, as well as acting as a refresher course for the more experienced.

Software Features

  • All content is created by Engineers - for Engineers
  • Detailed descriptions of where controls are fitted and their varying construction
  • Stunning 3D Virtual Reality motion graphics, makes study and revision an absolute pleasure
  • Quick, safe and easy to understand learning platform