The Copper Pipe Soldering CD

Improve your Gas & Plumbing skills using an interactive e-learning


  • Copper Pipe Soldering CD
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  • Copper Pipe Soldering CD
The Soft Soldering CD-ROM program teaches you the procedures for joining copper pipe-work, and covers the three most popular methods - compression, push fit and soft soldering.

The program contains a stunning collection of images, audio and interactive multimedia, to make it engaging and a joy to study! It covers topics such as jointing methods, materials & tools, the soldering process and includes tests to measure your knowledge.

The detailed and accurate descriptions make it ideal for both the novice, as well as a refresher course for the more experienced. It is suitable for an individual or for use in a classroom environment.

Software Features

  • Teaches the 8 crucial steps of soft soldering
  • Engaging interactive audio and graphics
  • State of the art e-learning environment
  • Totally engaging and easily understood
  • Test your progress at each step