Plumbing Course

Qualified Plumbers are in high demand, so take advantage today!

Plumber working on bathroom sinkThe Plumbing Course offers multiple certifications, with a combination of comprehensive theory and practical skills training. The theory training has been designed to fit around your lifestyle, allowing you to study from home in your own time. It allows you to experience real-life environments on your PC with 3D virtual reality simulation software.

This is followed by the practical section of the plumbing course, where you undertake instructor led training in a fully equipped plumber training centre.

Plumbing Course - syllabus topics

  • Plumbing accessoriesCommon plumbing processes
  • Cold and hot water systems
  • Sanitation systems
  • Domestic showers
  • Health and Safety
  • Central Heating Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electricity

Plumber Qualifications

Plumber working on copper pipingSuccessful completion of the whole plumbing course to Advanced Level can see you attain no fewer than nine valuable qualifications, including:

  • C&G 6022 - Copper Pipework Installation
  • C&G 6032 - Bathroom Installation
  • BPEC Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations
  • C&G 6128 Domestic Heating & Ventilation
  • C&G 6084 Energy Efficiency

Your job prospects as a Plumber

As a fully qualified plumber with requisite work experience, there are no better recognised qualifications in the industry and offer great job prospects. Average salaries for plumbers range from £25,000 - £40,000.

» Plumbing Course - Introduction to the Course

The plumber course is combines theory and practical plumbing skills that will prepare you for a career as a qualified plumbing and gas heating engineer. This plumbing course will give you confidence and to gain plumbing qualifications that will prove your competence for both the domestic and commercial market. Successful completion of the plumber course will lead you towards an industry recognised Plumber Certification. Whether your preference is to be a self-employed plumber or employed by a larger plumbing firm, this is the right course for you.

Our Plumbing Course has been designed to allow you to train according to your lifestyle and to fit your studies around your existing lifestyle, even if you are still in full-time employment.

As a trained plumbing and heating engineer, you could choose to work for a contractor or be your own boss. Whether your preference is to be a self-employed plumber or employed, the opportunities are considerable, so sign up for your course today!

» Plumbing Course - How the Course Works

Your plumbing course is divided into sections to help you absorb the theory you will need easily – it is also designed to present the content in logical sequence so that you can build your knowledge and skills progressively. The Domestic Plumbing & Heating section provides a thorough grounding in plumbing principles and technologies and covers several invaluable qualifications, namely; City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificates Level 2, City & Guilds Energy efficiency certificate, City & Guilds 6022-02 Copper Pipework Installation, City & Guilds 6032, Sanitary accommodation installation, maintenance and design, BPEC – Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 On successful completion of the comprehensive practical training (6 weeks in centre) you will be able to register as an approved contractor with your local authority under the BPEC Water Regulations scheme.

This part of the course allows you to experience realistic plumbing problems in a variety of scenarios and in “real life” environments using fully interactive 3D Virtual Reality simulation software. This is introduced at key stages of the course and allows you to deal with ‘real world’ plumbing problems, from initial diagnosis, then step by step through the remedial actions to a full ‘fix’. The software puts you in control of a virtual world, where you can apply the theory you have learned in a safe environment, enhancing and reinforcing your practical skills. This is a unique and powerful tool and one that will help prepare you for your new life in the plumbing industry. Your progress is assessed and marked accordingly, but also allows you to revisit the scenarios on demand to improve and hone your skills so that you can focus on resolving problems in the best possible way.

The ‘Complete Plumbing Professional’ level of the course will see you acquire 5 further skills and qualifications; LOGIC certification Part P defined scope electrical qualification, LOGIC hot water heating solar energy certification, ATL Shower Installation module, CITB unvented hot water certification. Module and City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificates Level 3. This final top-level section of the course is supported by a further 5 weeks, making a total of 11 weeks of practical training and examinations required to gain the higher Level 3 6129 technical certificate in plumbing and prepare the learner for NVQ Level 3 assessment programme.

NVQ Level 3 statement
The objective of the plumbing course is for you to become a fully qualified plumber, regardless of your current level of ability. This course is specifically designed to guide you safely through this dynamic and rewarding subject – together with the C&G, BPEC & CITB qualifications you will obtain, it will equip you for the real world demands that you will need to face as a plumber. More than this though, it will testify to your competence at the highest level.